I don’t want to lose weight, add muscle, tone up, eat better, eat less, eat more fat. Eat less carbs . And I actually like my muffin top with extra side dish now more than ever!!
I exercise bc it makes me feel better. It helps my anxiety. My depression. My heart. And if I fight off gravity on my bootie a little longer..its simply a collateral benefit.
I try to eat healthy bc it makes me feel better . And I’m not gluten intolerant or allergic to carbs nor do them make me “foggy “. Actually I feel more depressed and lethargic when i eat “low carb”

Obv this is diff. For everyone. But my point is. You. Do. WHAT. WORKS FOR YOU.

I’m over trying to change for validation of others. #LikeSoOveritwhatve #######
I’m done being sold on the notion that I have to sign up for x,y z to have and live a better life.
A lot of my criticism comes from within. And if there is something that drives that inner citric to tear me down EVEN more , I unfollow. Not personal to them. Personal to me. Periodt.
Change is good ONLY if it comes from within your soul & spirit. Periodt. …….
My priorities these days r different than they were even a year ago .:
Family. .🎂
FAITH in something bigger than myself but not as an exclusivity . I respect all beliefs.💜
Being kind & compassionate 💙
Seeing the good in craptackular situations 🦄
And learning that it’s okay to say “NO.” Even if it hurts someones’ feelings… I’m not responsible for someone elses life/feelings/choices (except to guide what’s under my roof)
I don’t like saying no. And I do not like hurting anyone feelings.. to a fault.
I was putting other people ahead of my own feelings and life and all that does is put everyone in a resentful pile of gooey bitterness.

Anyways. That’s my workout thot of the day. Long per usual. I am a woman of many words 🤣💯👆

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